It's been a busy weekend here with grandkids. I'm posting a couple of my earlier paintings of two of them. (Too busy to paint this weekend, that's for sure. We did the pumpkin patch, played at a great park in Cincinnati, carved pumpkins, got to church this morning, then took off for 'Otterville' for an afternoon of play also. Took a trolley ride. Making some good memories. And we took plenty of pictures that could be future paintings...)

Our oldest grandchild with his very, very large dog, part lab, part great dane -

This is a painting of one of the triplets, but they are a couple of years older now. So much fun and so many questions to answer. Tomorrow we will all find time to paint in the afternoon..


Michelle Himes said...

I found the link to your blog while checking out one of your student's blogs. (I frequently check to see what Rhonda is up to - and she mentions your class often). I think your work is wonderful - I love the African women, "Caws for Alarm" and the paintings of your grandchildren. Rhonda is very lucky to be in your class.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks for visiting, Michelle. We have a great time in class and Rhonda makes it lively.