Ste'phanie Portal contaced me about three months ago regarding a magazine article she was writing for a special issue, called Pratique des Arts.  She asked for some info on YUPO as well as a picture or two - if I was interested.  WOW! 

After typing up many of the things that are exciting to me regarding my journey with this wonderfully slick and brilliantly colorful surface, I sent it all to her, and this is what she published.  She featured three of my paintings, Amazing Grates (pictured above George James,) Liquid Gold (Venice,) and Can You Hear Me Now? The eight page article includes six 'yupo' artists, including George James, the absolute King of YUPO. 

Since everything is in French, I'm waiting on Bonnie to translate it for me.  (I did much better with Spanish than French in school.)  Marianne got three magazines for me from her daughter-in-law in Paris, and I wanted to show it off.  I'm popping proud to be in such good company in this special watercolor issue - Ted Nuttall, Amanda Spencer, Charles Reid, George James!  Oh, and my name is even on the front cover!  What an unexpected thrill!  (I promise to quit bragging soon.)  Fellow artists Kaaren Oreck and Carrie Waller also have beautiful paintings featured in this issue.

There's even mention of my upcoming French workshop in August in Frayssinet, France, featuring my methods of batik and the French landscape.  (More info very soon about that.)  Thanks so much, Ste'phanie, for kindly including me.  And Happy New Year, everyone.