Finished, again.....  Changes on Yupo are so easy to make, once you figure how what changes to make to improve the painting.  

Using the Valueviewer Ap, I snapped pictures of the painting before and after, then switched each photo to a Notan, showing the dark and light value patterns in the pictures.   The pattern which dark and light shapes make in a painting is the first thing we notice from a distance.   If it is a good pattern with good shapes, we will want to see it closer.

"St. Emilion" Fluid Acrylics and Watercolor on YUPO 26x34"
Finished Pattern
Step 1
Good patterns have interlocking and overlapping shapes which are irregular, unpredictable, and move somewhat diagonally through the picture.  Notice how more predictable and regular the pattern is in Step 1, the black and white taken from last week's post.  The Finished Pattern of the finished painting has more irregularity to hold the viewer's interest longer. 

Same picture, different placement of darks and lights.
How many times have we loved a painting because of the colors?  The textures? The subject matter?   But without a really good pattern of lights and darks, a painting will soon become less exciting no matter how great the subject, colors, or textures.