Tomorrow begins a new adventure. We're doing yet another weekend workshop in my teaching studio, but rather than bringing in a nationally known teacher this time, we are exploring YUPO with me as the guide. And I LOVE to teach about all the possibilities of creating art on the slick YUPO surface!

This painting, on YUPO, was painted several years ago while I was on a week long painting holiday with three other artists. Maybe it should have been cropped at the far shoreline, eliminating the trees, shoreline, and sky???

There will be lots to post when our workshop is over Sunday evening. See you soon!

"TIDE'S OUT" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 13 x 9" COLLECTED



Masking tape and paint, layered time and again, helped to create this painting which was also pulled out of my archives. While recovering from surgery, I'd planned to 'paint' more with masking tape, but the time went by too quickly, with other paintings tugging at my interest.

The tape, used as a sort of resist, allows the paint to sneak under the edges, creating fabulous, unpredictable effects and textures. However, the key to a good painting must rely on good shapes with good value placement. The tape texture effect just adds a little intrigue to the piece.

This is hanging in my hometown library, and it may have been the painting that won Best of Show at a show there in the early '90's - can't remember for sure. (Record keeping isn't one of my strengths.) I do remember thinking it was messy and inaccurate, and now that's what I love about it the most.

"TIMES PAST" Transparent Watercolor on Crescent Board 18 x 18" COLLECTED



This painting was created nearly fifteen years ago. This afternoon after class as I watched the hummers, chickadees, tufted titmice, and finches visit the feeders, I remembered this gold finch. He may be singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bob, one of the best artists I know. Today's his birthday, and I hope it's been grand!

Both the red tailed hawk and tufted titmouse YUPO paintings from a couple of weeks ago have been reworked. They'll soon be posted again to show the changes which really did help make the paintings more interesting.

Hope your September is as beautiful as ours is here. Our YUPO workshop is this Saturday and Sunday, and we have a full house. It will be two days packed with info and challenges. Can't wait.

"GOLDEN MOMENTS" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches, 11 x 15" COLLECTED