Capturing a feeling is what many artists, including myself, hope to do when creating a painting.  The casual French country gardens at Le Vieux Couvent in France were so inviting and intriguing.  On every path there was a new surprise, and exploring the gardens was always inspiring.  

Watercolor on 140# Arches
15 x 22"
This scene, from a photo taken during this year's French workshop, shows some of their ancient steps as well as the charming, natural beauty of the area.  Capturing the feeling of really being there still eludes me, though.  Using my tape batik process, I painted the picture after I was back in the states. 

Next year's French workshop will be in September, perfect timing for all the grapes growing at LVC.  Everyone speaks English so comminication was easy, too.  The meals were the BEST ever ever ever, and we were so well taken care of.  It was a total immersion into 10 days of creativity.

Can't wait to return.  Please contact me if you would like to know more about this future workshop --- see the side bar on the right.  Being there was incredible!!!!!!!!!!