All week long this demo from the workshop has been a challenge. A couple of days ago, my thoughts were to pitch it and start over with a better drawn sketch.

Now it's done, but the camera has it too red and orange. Yet, it is a very warm painting, just more subdued at the edges.

This will not be the last time I paint this scene. It changes enough, and changes me enough, that I MUST paint it again. Go here to see some of my previous paintings of this same street scene, done with various meduims including wax batik and collage. See if you have a favorite.

"INTIMACY" Fluid Acrylics on Heavy Weight YUPO with Caran D'Ache Crayons and Charcoal 19 x 26"



This past weekend seemed like non-stop action during our YUPO workshop here at my studio. Every artist showed up early on Saturday morning ready to discover what they could create on that slick YUPO paper. We started with Fluid Acrylics, diluted just enough to look exactly like transparent watercolors. It was so much fun sharing the awesome possibilities and numerous techniques with the work shoppers, and then seeing their amazing results.

The studio was packed to the gills, even the 'head of the class' area was full. Still, everyone had plenty of space to explore how to handle the paint, whether it was really wet or very dry.

Sunday was another full day of painting, and we added Transparent Watercolors to the process, along with some short demos of ways to apply a few other mediums. The next YUPO workshop here will be May 1 & 2, and I'll be using only Fluid Acrylics during the demos. Because the fluid acrylics can be cumbersome to transport, especially by plane, I share my Fluid Acrylic colors as we work our way through the workshop.

The painting shown is a work in progress, done as a demo during this workshop, using fluid acrylics as well as Caran d'Ache crayons, watercolor pencil, and a bit of charcoal. It's about half finished at this point, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm loving it so far.

If you're in northwestern Ohio, there will also be a three day YUPO workshop near Lima in early June, plus another five day workshop in Dallas, Texas, in late August. Each will include instruction about the advantages of using fluid acrylics on YUPO. If you're interested, check out the right hand side bar for more info about the upcoming workshops.

Happy painting!