A slight change to this Irish woman's expression made this picture more appealing.  The original, shown below the finished painting, seemed to have a sour expression on her face.  By making a minor adjustment to her inner lip line and lip corners as well as to her eyes and brows, her expression is more gentle and evocative. 

This TAPE BATIK painting won a first place at a show this weekend, too.  Some may be bothered by the 'square' within the faces.  Putting it there was important to me.  This beautiful couple seemed to be totally melded.  They were lovely to talk to and so gracious as they viewed the trip through the train window.  The square represents their balanced life together as well as representing their apparent outlook on life, and is symbolic also of the train window.

Using my TAPE BATIK method to create skin, especially faces, is challenging.  This process will be taught at a five day workshop in Dallas, Texas in late October. Hope to see some of you there.

"IRISH EYES"  Watercolor TAPE BATIK on Hot Pressed Crescent Board