Painted over ten years ago, this little still life really should have been painted on YUPO. The colors would be so exciting and vibrant. There's even some Indian corn in the studio ready to be captured in a painting so maybe tomorrow morning's class will have to watch another demo.

"EARLY HARVEST" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 20 x 14"



Little children peddling bikes into the morning sunlight through the narrow passages in Venice made me wonder where they were going. The backpacks they wore meant they must be headed to school somewhere. And the scene meant it must be painted, too, when I got home.

A month ago this was attempted in a workshop with Alvaro Castegnet, and now it's redone with more time taken for composition and value changes. The first post here is the final painting.

The second photo shows how the painting looked as I demo-ed it in one of the Wednesday classes. They insisted I stop at that point, that it was completed, but when they left, they all knew I would have to add more to it before I called it completed.
The original first draft is the really dark painting that's shown next, which was hurriedly done in the workshop and posted last month, too. I do love the warmth of the street in this one, though.
The last photo, my photo reference for this painting, was taken during those four glorious days in Venice. Lots has been left out and lots has been added. It was only a reference, an inspiration from that moment last year in Venice. In fact, in class, now I so often quote Alvaro's wise advice, "Don't let what you're looking at dictate what you paint."
"VENICE IS FOR KIDS - LIKE ME" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 15 x 22"