Our computer's hard drive is BAD! Being 'bad' used to be good. But this is bad, so no new posts from me until we have a brand new GOOD hard drive..... very soon, I hope. The photo of this painting was saved and ready to go so here I am at our library on their computer writing it up.

The painting is years old - like nearly 20 years old, painted in the Rocky Mountains back when I thought I had to be a plein aire painter to be an artist. Yet, one of the best things about plein aire painting is the memory cache that's created while the painting's being done ------ the guys who stopped by to tell me their aunt could really paint lilacs ... the great little outside restaurant with tables and comfortable chairs where I sketched while waiting for my lunch ... the gorgeous drive up through Thompson Canyon to get to the little town of Evergreen... the ferns and fog that graced the steep rocky walls along the road. Each time I see a photo of this painting, I remember so much of that day. Plein aire painting DOES have some wonderful benefits.

I hope to be up and running on line soon with some great posts from last week's YUPO workshop in Middletown, Ohio. And, I'll finally be able to catch up on all the blogs I've missed. See you then.

"THISTLES AND RUST" Transparent Watercolor on 140# Arches, maybe 15 x 11" COLLECTED