Wet and Wild Workshop

Alcohol Inks and Watercolor on YUPO  12x7"  Available 
This January, we will be in The Villages, Florida, for a four day workshop.  The first two days will include my techniques using alcohol inks with watercolor, as seen in this painting of a sea turtle. Color and texture are incredibly striking with these techniques.

Beginners thru advanced are welcome.  See the sidebar on the right for more info about this workshop.  

Hope to see you there.



TRAINING WHEELS   Fluid Acrylics on Yupo
12x17" Collected

Fairborn Art Association hosted my Yupo workshop this past week near Dayton, Ohio.  This painting was the first demo I did showing how to use Fluid Acrylics on Yupo with my Tape Batik process.  It's called Tape Batik because the way the paint leaks under the edges of the tape on the Yupo looks a lot like a silk Batik.  The second photo below shows the first layer of tape covered by the first layer of paint.  It's an intense process with considerable planning involved, but so worth it for the results.

Their art association was so positive, very creative, and we had an extremely productive week!  Thanks so much for asking me to teach there.  They are an excellent organization!

My next workshop is in The Villages, Florida, in January, then in February, Calgary, Canada.  Join us if you can.  See the right hand sidebar for more info.



Four years ago!  That's the last time any new paintings were
posted on my blog.  Think it's about time!  

This is on Yupo, 13x20", created using fluid acrylics first, 
in a watercolor like wash of similar values plus colors that I 
liked.  Next, isopropyl alcohol was used to carefully lift off 
the lighter shapes, and finally, the darks were painted in
with watercolor on top of the acrylic.  Much of the original 
Acrylic wash is left untouched, showing the glow of 
that first layer of color.