These fireworks are finished!  Yeah!  The Grand Finale is always full of ooh and ahhs, and the show we saw that evening was awesome.  This is watercolor on YUPO with Fluid Acrylics.  Lots of fun, yet challenging to do. 

"Grand Finale!" Fluid Acrylics and Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 20 x 26" COLLECTED
Off to the studio to pack for the France workshop.. lots of treats in store for everyone there next week. 



Painting on a new surface is always exciting and challenging, and the last time I painted on Indian paper was about twenty years ago.  This paper, Punjab, comes in a beautiful, handmade book, sold at Daniel Smith in Seattle.  I loved the paper! 
This little sketch book will be going to Frayssinet, France with me very soon where, hopefully, it will be filled with paintings of the beautiful French countryside.
Inspiration for this quick painting came from a rainy night in France last spring.  This couple was splashing through the rain while crossing Pont Marie. 

Thanks, Linda, for the great sketch book!

"Pont Marie"  Watercolor on 140# Rough Punjab Paper  4 x 7"