Starts this weekend, Feb 16

At Sharon Woods Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

Over 40 Artists Represented - all presently taking
classes in my Greentree Studio.

Artists' reception, Feb 17, Sunday 1-4

Show is open Feb 16 to Feb 24, 10-5 daily.

You will see a diverse selection of original art!

We'd LOVE to see you there.

Ooh Noo ---- Artist Mike Bailey from California has tagged me... so once again, I have to tell 5 things that most people don't know about me, then tag five more people to tell their 5 unknown things, tagging their 5 more people - and on and on around the world it goes, coming back to tag us again and again. And again.
Some maybe 'unknown' (and somewhat disasterous) things about me ---1. Even though I dislike cooking and baking, I love to make soup. Right now, I have a huge pot of veggie soup simmering on the stove. Yum.
2. Once when I was a kid, I wanted to be a nurse, after reading a book about a nurse. Besides that fleeting moment, I've always wanted to be an artist.
3. I've somehow only gotten one speeding ticket in my life - doing 70 in a 55, twenty five years ago. Recently I've adopted a new policy - Speed limit means 'LIMIT' - so I try not to speed at all.
4. I have NEVER made a successful loaf of bread in my life - even with a breadmaker:-(
5. When I was preteen, my big brother, Roger, was willing to eat the cup cakes I made that were the size of an eraser and bounced when you dropped them. He still grew up to be a big guy.

The artists I'm tagging are Dawn Bailey, Deb Ward, Mary jane Noe, Linda Schuler, and Chris Campbell.