Today was a great day to paint ... and see the nurse and physical therapist, too. Painting with a good friend was the BEST part though.

These roses are on a card on their way to thank Brenda for such GORGEOUS roses. This was just one sprig in the florific bouquet that added both beauty and fragrance to our house. More cards to paint this weekeend... and I loved holding that brush in my hand. Now off to bed. Everyone have a glorious weekend!



Home! It's good to be home, but the hospital stay went very well..... except for the bed pan part.

Since my room had no paintings, I felt obligated to provide a little visual enhancement of the area yesterday afternoon - notice the toes with the lovely foot stocking wrap.

Bed pans have one very good purpose - to prompt patients to get out of bed in order to use the toilet. I'm a slow learner, but after the third bed pan, I decided that getting out of bed, no matter how much pain was involved, was the best way to go.

Today I walked the halls a couple of times, put my full weight on my new knee, and bent that precious knee to a 90 degree angle. Without that bed pan motivation, I might still be laying there.

The doctor did an excellent job, and I feel very blessed to be in such good shape only 56 hours after surgery. Time to paint! And maybe it's time to sell Jewish Hospital some paintings for their walls, too. If only I were motivated to market my stuff.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. MUCH appreciated.



A couple of years ago, someone reported that when the judges gathered to select the final paintings for the annual American Watercolor Society Show, they determined not to include narrative work in the show. (Narrative work would be a painting that tells a story?) When the results were in, a painting that was totally narrative won the competition... just shows that it's hard to turn away from a really good story.

Joe Boyd is a master storyteller. He can paint pictures in your mind by weaving words together with both humor and impact. For the next three weeks, Joe will be weaving together a story he wrote and is now producing as a movie --- check it out here or here. He undoubtedly ranks up there with my dad as one of my favorite storytellers, and our four grand kids even got the chance a couple of weeks ago to hear a couple of his stories.

This 'sketch' of Joe, done while he was spinning another story or two last Sunday, is what I like to do when I listen. Maybe it's that I listen better if I'm drawing or doodling, so I'm seldom without a pencil, or in this case, a felt tip pen.

Artists' sketchbooks ALWAYS impress me, partially because of the diligence and discipline that the artists have who make them. My sketch books are many - and none are ever worth showing to anyone. They have notes, scribbles, thoughts that make almost no sense, drawings that are half done, blind contour drawings that are funny, phone numbers, websites, lists, as well as many sketches of eyeballs, lips, chairs, ears, feet, shoes, noses, and hands, etc. But not one of my sketch books looks like the beautiful works of art that I see others do.

When I was sketching Joe last Sunday, I realized my sketchbook is whatever I have in front of me to draw on. I'll never have a pristine, exquisite sketchbook, not ever. I toss most of my drawings because they were done for a moment, for a reason that's long past. But I liked this one of Joe. It reminds me of his stories and the impact they've had on my life.

The moment is what it's about when I'm sketching, the moment of being lost in that line, that shape, that texture, that detail. Just in case I feel like drawing, there'll be a small sketch book and pencil packed with me when Honey drives me to the hospital tomorrow morning for knee surgery. Maybe sitting in a hospital bed for a couple of days doped up on a lot of pain medication will result in some great drawings!

I'm thinking that everything will go well in surgery and hoping everything goes super for Joe and his cast of actors. By the way, I think he plays an Amish gambler in the movie. Go figure???