Painting on gessoed watercolor paper is a close cousin to painting on YUPO paper. These geraniums were fun to paint on the gessoed surface, but their clay pots were even more fun. The paint seems to sit on top of the gesso, and the colors mingled with each other before they dried.

Texture can be easily played up on the gesso (click on the photo to see the textures enlarged,) just like it can on the YUPO surface. Next week a group of artists will be exploring how to paint creatively on YUPO at the Middletown Arts Center. Their facility is tops, and I'm looking forward to teaching, as well as learning, from all the artists in my workshop. I plan to post some of their paintings when I return. It will be a good week.

"OUT OF THE POTTING SHED" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Fabriano Covered with White Gesso, 21 x 14"



After really liking the painting I did outdoors in the midst of our flower gardens, (see the last blog post here) and after selling that painting when I really didn't want to part with it, I decided to 'paint it again.' This time I painted it in the studio, relying on memory and imagination.

By using the same techniques and colors, the results were similar. Yet, the first painting, though not as carefully planned, seemed to have more 'life' in it, more emotional impact.... a result of plein aire painting, responding to the moment, painting from life??? Maybe.

I do love these flowers in the spring, and there's a second variety that blooms in the fall, too. The way they swing and sway in the breeze is absolutely poetic.

If I'm ever inspired to paint them again, I think I'd want to have a bouquet right in front of me. Something's gained in the painting by from life whenever it's possible.

Second best is painting from photos that inspired me when I took them. The trick is to remember why I wanted to take the photo in the first place and then leave nearly everything else out.

"ANEMONES" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 12 x 9" COLLECTED