Yesterday's post showed the photo reference for this painting, as well as the sketch and the work in progress. After lots of design adjustments, the painting is finally finished.

When I started the plans for this demo, I was inspired to do a painting of the new 'old' barn which the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati has been refurbishing for the last couple of years. The barn is really, really HUGE, and the weathervane on top is exquisite - a little lady chasing a rooster who is chasing a hen. In the painting, I not only moved the weathervane down where all could see it, but also moved the hen so she's flying on other side of the barn.

This painting began with a grid layout to help create a more contemporary look to the old barn, which for me is symbolic of the new steps the art club has taken in purchasing this historic building. The paint brush seen in the original sketch vanished as I reconstructed the composition this week. A few other things were changed considerably in order to establish a stronger design pattern.

I so appreciated being able to show the women last Saturday how much fun it is to paint on YUPO. Once the painting was completed, I added the words "Cincinnati OH" and "Women's Art Club" as well as the date the club was founded, along with some special textural effects to enhance close up interest. Double click on the painting to see the details and wording better.

Let me know what you think ..... it was a lot of fun exploring how to make it all work together. Soon I'll make arrangements to donate it to the Women's Art Club, all ready to be framed.

"THE BARN" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 35 x 24" COLLECTED



This photo shows the new home of the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati, where I gave a watercolor demo last Saturday for the group. I started with this drawing, posted here, which was transferred onto a full sheet of translucent YUPO paper measuring 35" wide.

Before I began, I explained that the demo would rely heavily on intuitive painting, even though I had a clear drawing to start with. Part of the fun of painting on YUPO is having options to be able to completely change things at any point during the painting, and for this painting, I really took advantage of those options.
This painting is a work in progress, and I'll hopefully post the completed one tomorrow. (I take photos of my paintings outside in the shade on a sunny day, but it's been raining here for a couple of days. As soon as the sun shines, I can post the finished painting.) I think you'll be surprised at the changes.
The women were incredibly nice about my not finishing the painting during the demo. I'm looking forward to hearing what they think when they see the completed painting on the next post.
Work in Progress - THE NEW BARN
Transparent Watercolor on Translucent YUPO.



Spending time with our two sons and four grandkids this weekend made me a very happy mom. The four kids slept on the floor in the big bedroom at our younger son's home, and I got the bed. At 6:50 am, the seven year old and triplets, who are almost five, woke me up. For almost two hours, we sang songs, played games, and got ready for the day together. "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" was the song of the morning, and each one of the kids dramatically fell off the big bed at the appropriate time in the song. I know they sang it at least eight times in a row. (I wouldn't let them jump on the bed, though.)

This painting was done several years ago, and I have actually painted it at least seven times in different ways and am working on a eighth right now. I guess I'm a lot like our little grandkids because I like to repeat something that's fun to do, too. (For another painting done with this same subject, see the post on Dec 10, 2007.)

"MOTHER'S DAY AT NEW HOPE" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 15 x 22" COLLECTED