Teaching a five day workshop is invigorating and fulfilling for me, (as well as exhausting.) As a teacher, I get to watch wonderful, creative artwork being born as well as get to know some fascinating and often unusually talented artists. The supplies we use and the techniques we employ give us similar vehicles to uniquely express who we are as artists.

Each person's use of color, line, shape, and texture is different from the next. Approaches varied for each assignment, and the results were stunning. Some of the batiks were over two feet long, but most were between 12" and 18".

Batik is an intense method of creating art using hot wax to preserve shapes. We all learned from each other, from our successes and from our failures.

It seems that each painting expresses a special part of that artist in a way that only she can express. The happy accidents along the way added to the mystery of making art. It was a wonderful week. Thank you all for being such a great class, for working so hard, for making it fun to be with other artists. The hardest part for me is always saying "goodbye" at the end.

Linda Lyons - 12" square circle design

DeeAnne Helm - Harbor batik

Emily Hostetter - City lights

Sondra Karipides - Daisies

Kathy Storrie - Venice

Sarajane Steinecker - 12" square leaf design

Irene Friedman - 12" square design

Jenny Koch - 12" square design

Amber Michaels - Portraits with collage

Andrea Stewart
- 12" design



Here are some more of the exquisite batiks created last week in my workshop. When they were completed, some were adhered to white watercolor paper while some were mounted onto a wrapped canvas. All are originals, designed by each artist. More to come in the next post, too. ENJOY!

Sondra Karipides 12" square design

Kathy Storrie - Hands

Andrea Stewart - Fluid design with border

Amber Michael - Drink of water

Sarajane Steinecker - 12" square on Itchimatsu rice paper

Linda Lyons - Non-representational batik mounted on canvas, with embellishments

Irene Friedman - 12" square on Itchimatsu rice paper

Jenny Koch - Lily pads

Emily Hostetter - 12" square on Itchimatsu rice paper

DeeAnne Helm - 12" squares

Anne Bongiovanni - floral batik

That's all until the next post.



Our first grandchild is NINE YEARS old today! So hard to believe. The joy he brings to our lives is awesome. He's such a blessing.

Here are some of the paintings I've painted over the years of him, several of which have been posted before. All are watercolor on Arches or Fabriano, 140#CP. My favorite's of him and his dog.




After spending lots of hours trying to post a great slide show of last week's Batik Workshop, using Flickr, Picasa, and slide.com, I give up. Nothing worked. Help???!!!???

Nevertheless, here are a few of the fabulous pieces our class painted, using watercolor, sumi ink, and hot wax. More to come.....
First three batiks by - Anne Bongiovanni, (man to right,) Jenny Koch, (nets to left,) Sondra Karipides (landscape with sun)

Fish batik by Andrea Stewart
Circular designs by Emily Hostetter

Porch by DeeAnne Helm

Abstract design by Amber Michael
Abstracted design with border by Sarajane Steinecker

Fruit by Kathy Storrie

Color design by Linda Lyons

Waterfalls batik by Irene Friedman