I met Grandpa Otter when he was paddling around in the small fishing cove in Homer, Alaska.  He was waiting for the day's catch to show up so he could enjoy a free supper.  He seemed nearly friendly as he posed for us. 
Original Otter Painting
The original painting, above, was completed over ten years ago then framed.  Recently I removed the painting from the frame and decided to make adjustments.  Since it's watercolor on YUPO, it was easy to remove paint and add paint. 

First I spritzed the surface with water and squeegeed away some areas around the otter.  (See revised painting below.)  Using a flattened tissue, I lifted the spritzed droplets of water/paint off the torso and feet of the otter to lighten that area since it seemed too important in the original.  Still, the otter didn't have the delight I felt when I first saw this gorgeous creature.
Adjusted Otter Painting
Cropping is such a wonderful tool to use at times.  This was one of those times for sure.  After cropping off those awkward looking legs and punching up the color in the water, he was looking better.  Some warms were added to the face to contrast more with the cools of the water.  It's framed again!  Now I like it.  He was so adorable! 
Finished Otter Painting on YUPO
GRANDPA OTTER Watercolor on YUPO 13 x 19"