This was finished this morning on YUPO using fluid acrylics, and it was certainly a great journey of discovery to find out what could be done with these acrylics on the YUPO. Several different techniques were used to develop the textures of the brick and walls.

Miskit, masking tape, spritzes of rubbing alcohol on wet paint, spritzes of water on wet paint, splattering with a toothbrush and a brush, salting with popcorn salt, removing paint with alcohol and a tissue, removing paint with alcohol and a squeegee, removing paint with a brush dipped in alcohol...... The possibilities seemed endless, and I enjoyed trying as many different ways to develop the textures as I could think of. Some areas were really wonderful accidents that created delicious textures.

What was best was the fact that once the paint dried, it couldn't be removed, as opposed to painting transparent watercolor on YUPO, which lifts off easily if dampened or brushed over. The look of watercolor is still evident since the fluid acrylics were used - watered down and washed on - just like transparent watercolor.

Click on the painting for an up close look. The reference photo, taken along a Venice alleyway, is posted, too, to show the changes in composition from the original scene to the painting. Seems to be a possibility now to never want to paint on cotton paper again...... It's time to live with the painting a while before making anymore adjustments.

"JOURNEY" Fluid Acrylics on YUPO 14 x 25"



What a beautiful morning it's been! The snow outside is soft and deep, curling up and around each obstacle it fell on. The birds have been frantically digging for their food.

This painting was a quick class demo that turned out alright ... from many years ago ... and reminds me of today. The key word here is 'QUICK.'

Because of the natural spontaneity of watercolor, it's a great thing to splash some paint on the paper with an idea in mind and see what happens. The key is leaving it alone, touching it only a bit where it matters, and not working it to death to make it 'better.'

Some artists can naturally and intuitively do this, but for me it's a struggle. I love when it happens, though.

Now I'm off to PLAN another painting .... or change my plans and just paint by the seat of my pants. We'll see.

"SOLITUDE" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 12 x 17" COLLECTED



This painting was done in the early '90's and reminds me of today's weather. A friend and I were headed to an art walk this afternoon but never made it out of Indiana due to snow '''flurries.'''

Evidently no one expected the snow to be a problem on the highways, so the roads were quite nasty to drive on for a couple of hours. Sure makes me appreciate all that the highway people do to keep our roads normally clear. And we can hope that Spring will be early this year (smile.)
Rhonda's birthday is Monday, and if you can, pop on over to her blog at http://rhcarpenter.blogspot.com/ to wish her a happy birthday. Have a Happy Birthday, Rhonda. And thanks so much for pushing me to start a blog.
"KOKOMO CREEK SENTINEL" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 30 x 22" COLLECTED