On Friday, February 25, we'll be starting a three day workshop here in my studio, featuring the process of 'tape batik,' as well as the hot wax batik process with watercolor. Cost is $225 for the tape batik class and $240 for the hot wax session. Each artist will develop and create original watercolor paintings, using this unique process. Any subject matter will work for 'tape batik,' as well as the hot wax process.

I started developing the tape batik process about 20 years ago, partially because I love the look of batik. No hot wax is involved, only some serious planning and lots of taping. We'll use plain old masking tape, though the specific brand is somewhat important. Each artist may choose whether to work with watercolor paints or fluid acrylics.

Below are several examples of my tape batiks,' some on Arches, some on YUPO. During the workshop, either surface can be used. The workshop will include 3 very full days of instruction along with a valuable critique session. It will be held here in my studio near Cincinnati, Ohio. Add this to your Christmas list for sure! Email me - sandymaudlin@gmail.com - for more info. I'll post some hot wax batik paintings soon, also.