It's been a LONG month with absolutely no painting at all, but tomorrow looks promising for picking up my brushes finally. I can't remember ever having such a long stretch of no paint time...
This is one of the last paintings I did during the holidays as a demo for a class, to show how to paint looser with watercolor. He should have been posted over the holidays, but here he is now.

It's lots of fun to paint animals, especially ones with an attitude. You can just imagine what he's thinking.

After spending about ten minutes free handing the drawing, I painted quickly, using lots of juicy colors, allowing them to mix on the paper as much as possible. Accuracy wasn't my concern. Rather, I hoped to capture the sense of boredom and disdain shown by this beautiful Great Dane.

Although he looks black, no black was used. By mixing the darker colors from my palette, I was able to make some luscious blacks. His name is Jade.

"JADE" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 12 x 17" COLLECTED