For our workshop at Kanuga last week, in North Carolina, we were to bring something we collected or at least pictures of what we collected.  It's GIRAFFES, of course, for me.  Our assignment the first day was to use something from our collection and meld it into a painting to include something from nature from Bruce's unique collection - of bones and shells of animals. 

Below is my result.  A turtle shell, with beautiful markings on it, combined with my marble giraffe from Italy, with no spots on her and a broken leg (later super glued back together.)

We let our imaginations take over as we developed our pictures.  This is YUPO collaged onto YUPO, with fluid acrylics, watercolor, and watercolor pencil.  FUN!  My Tape Batik process was also used for layering the first four washes.  The Independent Layering Process helped add to the finished effects.

"SO ALIKE; SO DIFFERENT"  Fluid Acrylics, Watercolor, Alcohol, Watercolor Pencils on YUPO 14x20"