Every autumn at the lake, people dismantle all their piers and store their boats on higher ground. The photo reference for this was taken one fall day after most people had closed up their cottages for the winter. This old shed holds promises of fun for next summer's season.

Red, yellow, and blue were used in this painting, mixed on the paper to create subtle changes of grays throughout the picture. Masking tape pieces were torn and placed where I didn't want any more color added. After each new value of colors was added, I'd wait until the paper was completely dry before adding the next shapes of masking tape to preserve the necessary existing values.

By the time the painting was finished, it was covered everywhere with pieces of tape, except in the darkest areas. Peeling off each small bit of tape took time, but when it was all off, the painting was finished.

I love to do this process because of the batik look that occurs where the paint creeps under the pieces of torn and cut masking tape. I also love puzzles, and painting this way is like working a big puzzle backwards. This painting is an oldie, but one we still have in our home. You can click on the image for an upclose view of the detail of the textures created by the tape and paint.

"SUMMER'S END" Transparent Watercolor on CP Crescent Board, 16 x 22"



This blog is already in its second year now, and I've posted many current works and lots of past paintings. This one is another oldie - painted in a more romanticized look than I normally paint.

Although the water wheel needs rounded out a bit, I do like how the water in the stream looks, and was pleased with the foliage in the picture, too. Painting sharp edged shapes with strong contrasts seems to be what I like to do a lot, as you can see here. This old mill is in Tennesee, and the painting is for sale.

"TRANQUILITY" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches, 30 x 22" COLLECTED



Chickadees are lots of fun to paint, and my hope is always to try to capture the spiritedness that these delightful creatures possess. Because I'm very much a 'value oriented' painter, the contrast of black and white of the chickadee always attracts my eye.

This painting is at least a decade old, and if it were to be painted similarly again, the bird would be moved in just a little closer to the center and down a fraction, putting him in the golden mean of the painting.

"SUGAR BABY" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches, about 15 x 11, COLLECTED



This painting is another oldie that was a demo for class several years ago. Life is always good when I can enjoy watching the birds while drinking a cup of hot coffee and swinging on my old porch swing.

Chickadees are delightful, tiny birds that come to the feeder platform as soon as there's seed there. I love the way they perch, with their little, thin legs looking like stilts. Time to grab some coffee and watch the birds.

"THREE'S A CROWD" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches, 15 x 12" COLLECTED