Back in the 90's, I began to use masking tape to help control where the paint went and where it didn't get to go. This was one of the very first ones I attempted, but never really pulled off. Parts of it I liked a lot, so I kept it for quite a while, hoping something would magically change while it was stored in a drawer.

See the original sized picture (shown smaller) where I painted the sky in a traditional watercolor way before I used tape for the rest of the painting? By incorporating two distinctly different styles in two very separate parts of the painting, I was guaranteed of NOT achieving unity in the painting. No No No! Shouldn't have done it.

Once I cropped off the sky (bigger pix,) it did help. My brother, Roger, took the photo in Cancun, I think. It may be one that I try again someday, too.

There's so much to paint, so much to express. My hope is to be able to let others see how I see the world. We all have so much to share!

Never titled or completed - done on 140#CP Arches



Some paintings should stay under the bed, and this is one of them. I was learning to pour paint on stretched watercolor paper in the late '90's, and this cathedral is the best of the two that I tried. (You don't get to see the other one.)

This is OLDIES time, and I've got a few more...lots more, actually. I'll only post a couple more then get back to some newer stuff.

To check out how a pour should really be done, go to the March 28th post for this year. That painting was done the same year this one was. What a difference some experimentation and practice can make. I suppose I should try this again now. 'Thanks' to my sister, Marilyn, for her photo.

"ALL SAINTS DAY" Transparent Watercolor on 140#HP Arches 10 x 21"



These are the weeks of oldies being pulled out of the archives. This goatman is of the same guy I posted earlier last week and is also painted on YUPO.

Comparing YUPO paintings I've done this year with ones like this usually helps me see the progression I've made as an artist, as well as where I need to focus for more improvement. What's great is that no matter how much better you get, there's always more to explore, to learn, to attempt. I love that about being an artist.

Being an artist is a journey --- just like this guy's on --- heading up the lane to round the corner to see what's beyond. We must keep traveling forward looking for the next discovery. It sure is a great journey. I'm loving it. And it's so cool to have so many blogs to explore. Seeing what others are creating is motivating and enriching.

"JOURNEY HOME" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 12 x 26"