Painting reflections is a lot like doing a jigsaw puzzle. The picture finally comes together when all the pieces are in the right places. Each shape must be the correct value with the appropriate edges around it, and VIOLA! Reflections emerge.

This wine bottle is nearly complete and the next one is started. An overall wash of mostly warm colors was painted on wet paper after all the white shapes were miskited. My miskit is gray - Pebeo Drawing Gum, my favorite miskit because -
* it flows on easily
* it's visible once it's on the paper so I can see where I've already applied it
* the jar has a concave lid to pour a small quantity of miskit into so that the bottle can be closed up quickly, preventing it from going bad too soon
The next photo shows another wine bottle only partially done. Two Sundays ago before I had surgery, I was sneaking around our grocery store trying to get good pictures of wine bottles. I should've asked permission, I suppose, but 'Thank You, Krogers,' anyway.

Now for an afternoon of painting... and watching the wildlife on the deck...