After a couple of months of contemplation and experimentation, I'm hoping that this painting can be parked for good. It's been posted before when it was in Stage One and Stage Two - see last two paintings below.

Once it got to Stage Three - next pix below - I felt it was ok, but when I added the lavender to one of the bikes - top painting shown here to the right - I thought it could be done. I really liked it at Stage One, but not at all at Stage Two - too dark and dreary for happy bikes.

"BIKE RIDE HOME" Transparent Watercolor on Yupo 26 x 18" COLLECTED

Comments? Critique? Ideas? It's watercolor on YUPO so adjustments are totally easy.

Stage Three - almost done - cropped a little at the top but needs an element of surprise

Stage Two - too many darks - confusing and ominous???

Stage One - Light and airy, lots of texture, weaker composition but maybe more fascinating?



The last post was way, way off on color and darkness. The post here shows the painting more accurately, I hope, though it's a little bit 'pinkish.' The temperature of the painting is very warm, orange-reddish...

After retaking the photo of the painting, I tried to adjust the results on my new Photoshop program to get it to match the painting as closely as possible. The last post of it (below) looks too green and light. I'm never sure how to set my camera to get the most accurate colors. Hope you don't mind seeing it AGAIN! It's also renamed - and I find that naming a painting is either really easy or else ridiculously impossible. This is one of those impossible to be original times.

"EVENING RIDE" Fluid Acrylics on YUPO 26 x 20"



If you love textures and gorgeous colors..... if you want to paint without fear of failure..... even if you can't draw and want to paint...... there's a workshop coming up this August that you just might want to check out.

At this workshop, you'll learn more about how to create your own great art on YUPO. I'll be teaching a two day workshop the last weekend of August, August 29 & 30, to be held near Cincinnati, Ohio, in my Indiana teaching studio and will include a vast array of painting possibilities for the slick YUPO surface.

The sky is the limit on what subject matter to paint --- abstract, experimental, realistic, landscapes, portraits, still lifes, wildlife....... anything goes, your choice! Mistakes can easily be fixed on this wonderful painting surface, and happy accidents make the journey even more exciting.

Both Transparent Watercolor and Fluid Acrylics may be used, with techniques being presented using both of these mediums. Cost will be $140 for the two full days of instruction.

For more information, please contact me at sandymaudlin@gmail.com . Class size will be limited, and a $50 down payment will hold your place in class, with the balance due on August first. Hope to see many of you at the workshop! It WILL be fun. Be sure to sign up SOON!

The YUPO painting here was created using Fluid Acrylics, applied like watercolor and demo-ed at the Middletown Arts Center Workshop in Ohio this past April. The second picture shows how it looked when the demo was done, before I went back to my studio to add more details to the painting. I'm still thinking about whether to crop it or not.

"More than Grand" Fluid Acrylics on YUPO 26 x 18"