Painting on a new surface is always exciting and challenging, and the last time I painted on Indian paper was about twenty years ago.  This paper, Punjab, comes in a beautiful, handmade book, sold at Daniel Smith in Seattle.  I loved the paper! 
This little sketch book will be going to Frayssinet, France with me very soon where, hopefully, it will be filled with paintings of the beautiful French countryside.
Inspiration for this quick painting came from a rainy night in France last spring.  This couple was splashing through the rain while crossing Pont Marie. 

Thanks, Linda, for the great sketch book!

"Pont Marie"  Watercolor on 140# Rough Punjab Paper  4 x 7"



Wonderful painting. Thanks for sharing .

Sadami said...

Dear Sandy,
Wow, the work is wonderful. Lovely movement, colours, washes, textures and light, what's more? I can feel the couple's nice chat and splashing. Thank you.
Kind regards, Sadami

Billie Crain said...

Stunning piece of work, Sandy! I like the texture of this paper, too. Is it available in larger sheets?

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks, Sadami, Shubhankar, and Billie. I can't find larger than 9x12" for sale anywhere. It's wonderful paper, easy to work on and lift off of too. I love it.

Meera Rao said...

oh, thats a beautiful painting - love the composition, color, texture and of course the light :) I am in india right now and should look for an artshop that sells hand made paper for watercolor! any tips?

Sandy Maudlin said...

Meera,, it's called Punjab and made only in that area of India. I have found a 9 x12 inch size, but nothing bigger. Hope you can find some...it's wonderful

Linda Schuler said...

That is a beautiful painting Sandy. It has a dreamy feeling to it. Glad you liked the book. Birthdays are fun! Happy Birthday.

Ecofocus said...

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