Today's class focused on how to best create a landscape in watercolor. The demo painting is getting close to completion. The lightest, biggest, furthest away shapes were painted first, followed by closer, light shapes, like the water areas. Darker values were added next - the cypress and dark foliage tree line. Details had to wait until medium sized shapes were finished. There's more to do but the basic areas are in. I'll include a value study and the original reference photo in the next post but wanted to get this on line for people who watched the demo today. PARTIALLY COMPLETED LANDSCAPE

After class, all four grandkids painted pumpkins with acrylics, then made prints of their palettes, which turned out very colorful too. However, one of the prints was placed near this painting, the fan was blowing ---- and surprise! I had vibrant magenta in the hills of Italy. I had to resort to opaque white gouache to hide the goof. Worse things could've happened, but it really did bend me out of shape for a while.....

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RH Carpenter said...

Ouch! Red acrylic on that beautiful painting! I can see why you were not happy. It is beautiful and so soft :)