Almost 10 years ago, I attempted to paint with watercolors on YUPO. Two years of frustration finally resulted in a wonderful 'ah ha!' moment, and I was really hooked. Back then, no one gave workshops about how to paint on YUPO, so I plodded and experimented on my own.

Now on video you can watch George James demo the many, many ways paint can be used to transform the slick YUPO surface. Creative Catalyst Productions produced the videos, and James also gives workshops throughout the US. Several of my friends have taken his workshops and learned a bunch.

The painting below started out as a workshop demo and was awarded Best Of Show at Viewpoint 2004 at the Cincinnati Art Club. The painting on the right is more recent and received a first place in another show after getting a rejection notice for Viewpoint 2006. My inspiration for the one on the right came when my friend, Ginger, donated some chemistry flasks to my studio still life collection.

"UNDERGROUND RAILROAD" on YUPO 40 x 26", and above, to the right, "PARTY TIME" on YUPO 26 x 40"


RH Carpenter said...

Sandy, it just goes to show even great artists get rejected at times AND that just because you are rejected in one show doesn't mean you won't get in and win a big prize in the next :) Love your YUPO work always!

Unknown said...

I am absolutely in love with "Party Time"! The texture, balance of color and white space, and vibrancy are just breath taking! I'm just starting to learn how to paint on Yupo.
Are prints available for this painting?

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Judi,
Thanks for stopping by and making such positive comments on my post. There are no prints available for this painting, altho the original is for sale if you're interested.