"FOREVER" on Arches 140# CP 27 x 21"
Today's a gorgeous fall day. The colors outside remind me of this painting done two years ago about this time. Before using all transparent watercolor, I placed masking tape, torn into the appropriate sizes, to mask out the lightest value areas, before painting almost randomly with color to evenly darken the remaining areas. Usually it takes about six to seven layers of tape and paint glazes to get the textural effects and value patterns as seen here. Putting all that tape on then removing it when I'm all done is tedious, but I love the results.

My desire was to portray the 'old' of the village with the old, old couple, and I was pleased with the outcome. The painting received the Gold Medal from the Ohio Watercolor Society's Annual Juried Show in 2006, with Stephen Quiller as judge. YES!

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