Some paintings take on a life of their own, telling me what to do next. This one was fun to discover. Having NO IDEA at all what I would end up with, I began the painting using my taping process along with some of my favorite transparent colors.

After many glazes had been washed on, I removed the layers of tape and began to search through the chaos of the colors and shapes for some sort of form. I hoped to preserve as many textured areas as possible.

"SECOND HAND ART" on Arches 140# HP 30 x 22"

The little old ladies on the right '''showed''' up and led me on a fantastic journey. Much of the tape texture was covered up with gouache and watercolor as I developed the composition. I also used Caran d'ache crayons, a water soluble crayon that is freeing to use on paintings.

Robbie Laird said that this method of work takes chaos and turns it into control. I agree. It's certainly the most challenging approach for me. I removed the painting from its frame three times and made changes before I was happy with it.

The painting's presently in the Ohio Watercolor Society's 2007 Traveling Art Show and also won the Best of Show in 2006 at the
Middletown Arts Center Annual Show.

DETAIL OF SECONDHAND ART - textures resulting from tape make fantastic patterns.

Just another note--- At a recent show, a couple was admiring this painting. I leaned toward them to hear what they were saying, and when I discovered that they really liked it, I felt a panic in me that they might purchase it, that it would no longer be mine. Up to that point, I hadn't realized how attached I'd become to the picture. Some paintings are just too hard to part with when you've invested so much in them, and this is one of them. I can't wait to get it back.


RH Carpenter said...

Well, you may be able to turn chaos into art but I just turn chaos into more chaos! ha-ha Great painting and love the little ladies :)

Orcas Island Studio said...

Good morning,
I really liked Sandy Maudlin's painting on Yupo Paper.
I also paint on Yupo Paper, I live on a small island, would love to have other artist visit my web site at www.orcasislandstduio.com , have any feed back please post.
Have a great day,
diane kasparek
Orcas Island Studio

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks for your web site... www.orcasislandstudio.com . I liked your LAUNDRY DAY painting a lot. I work with fluid acrylics and collage, too. What an inspriational place to live - Orca Island! I saw orcas in Alaska/Cook's Inlet and outside Seward. It was awesome.
Keep painting.
Sandy Maudlin