Done on watercolor paper, this painting includes both torn rice paper collage and tube acrylics, plus a lot of rubbing alcohol used to rub off some areas of pigment to reveal colors and textures underneath. The idea was to create a weight or tension between the top large shape and the bottom band of color.

Using rubbing alcohol to lift areas of dried ACRYLIC paint creates surprises and textures that I could not get any other way. It's like a treasure hunt to see what's been hidden away.

"FULL MOON" on Arches 140# CP 15 x 11"


RH Carpenter said...

There is the hint of a large round shape in the blue-grey top area - perhaps that's a pearl/the treasure? :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

I like your interpretation ... instead of a full moon, it's a pearl! Very cool. Good ending to my treasure hunt.

Michelle Himes said...

Funny, I didn't even see the round shape until Rhonda mentioned it, I was just enjoying the textures in the sky. Now that I see it, it makes the piece even more special.