Here's another YUPO painting, this time with less control of the paint in many areas. The joy of YUPO is letting the paint go where and how it wants. Amazing things happen when the more sedimentary colors charge under the staining colors and push them out of the way - see results of this in the foreground and background areas.

The colors on YUPO remain so vivid since they have no soft surface to sink into. This European peasant paused just long enough to get his picture taken. His mule dwarfed him, too, and gives a bit of a subtle message to the painting.

"LONG JOURNEY HOME" Transparent Watercolor on heavy weight YUPO 19 x 15"


Michelle Himes said...

Sandy, you absolutely do the best Yupo paintings I've ever seen! And I love checking your blog - there is something new and exciting every day - and sometimes more than one. :-)

Anonymous said...

wonderful work....Yupo is a challenge and you have taken to it quite well.