My sister is an adventurer, and
when she lived in Africa, she managed to snap this picture (without a telephoto lens) and still escape the charge of the beast. She said she did it for me, and I really appreciated her risking life and limb for a future painting.

YUPO was about the only surface I painted on four years ago when the top painting was done. When I did the lower 'close up' view this fall, I chose YUPO again.

For both paintings, I miskited the palm leaves before painting. Once the foliage and elephant were painted and the miskit removed, I spritzed some diluted yellow-green paint over those sharp leaf shapes to help soften the harshness of the miskit, then jiggled the piece of YUPO to try to loosen the edges of paint a little. The leaves could have been lifted out with a moist brush, but miskit helped create crisper edges.

Because of the unique YUPO 'slide-of-the-paint' on the elephant's trunk in the lower painting, I decided not to add too much detail to it. I was especially pleased with the intensity of that painting. It seems like he's just come out of the brush, and we can almost feel his breath. What do you think, Marilyn?

Upper Painting titled "CHARGER" SOLD
Lower Painting titled "CHARGE!"
Both done with Transparent Watercolor on YUPO about 26 x 20"

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Myrna Wacknov said...

You are getting amazing results on Yupo. I shall have to try the frisket technique, myself.