All of us here in the Ohio River Valley have a zillion photos now of our record snowfalls. One snowfall was beautiful, the second one was gorgeous, the third was enough but they kept falling, almost daily. This lovely hula snow honey greeted all the artists yesterday who made it to classes. It's wishful thinking that it could be warm enough to wear flip flops.

It's supposed to snow Saturday so I'm heading north, out of here. There's a Watercolor Society of Indiana meeting on Sunday in Indianapolis with artist Rena Bouwer painting to live music provided by guitarist Joe Peters. Before that, I get to do some serious 'Grandmothering.' I'm packing lots of paint and paper for them to use up when I'm at their house.

Yesterday Dawn let me know how wonderful the weather is in her neck of the woods --- in the mountains. SIXTY DEGREES!!! Makes me think about moving, but I do love it here.

Have a great weekend, and I promise - no more snow pictures. Thinking spring:-) By the way, the hula snow honey has a REAL belly BUTTON, but it didn't show up in the photo since it was white, too.


Dawn said...

your little hula snow gal is delightful! Have a great trip!

A Brush with Color said...

Great photos--love the snow hula gal. Too clever! Stay warm! I love the snow pix, incidentally! bon voyage.

Ginny Stiles said...

Everyone in the midwest is posting icicle photos. Long, wet and sometimes sinister looking. Yours are nice and sparkly but still...I am a Florida girl and we were 70 today. I do not do icicles anymore!!! YIKES. Also everyone is writing SPRING FEVER blog posts now. I can just read between everyone's lines. Saying HELP...GET ME OUT OF HERE! Please spring come soon. Happy grandmothering!

Micah Neff said...

LOL Sandy, thnx for the Hula Honey Snow Bunny posting LOL....that sure is adorable! We in PA are weary of the snow too!