Finally, a couple days without snowfall. We're happy, all of us, even our blanketed deer seen outside the studio walkway. She was waiting and wondering where all the artists are. They've returned to paint. YEAH!

Two nights ago after my honey cleaned everything off again, it snowed again....of course. We should be used to it by now but most of us are whining.

He really does enjoy that John Deere snowblower, but it was a bear to clear all the snow from our up hill drive and the parking area. What were we thinking when we sold our snow plow 20 years ago? Global warming, maybe.
It's so good to paint with friends again. Class yesterday was perfect even though several in the class couldn't make it.

Some like to paint alone but I'm definitely a paint-with-people-person most of the time, unless I'm getting a painting ready. When I'm planning, I need solitude and quiet. When I'm painting, I so enjoy the creative energy of other artists. We're all different. How about you?


laura said...

That deer photo is priceless, adorable!
I paint alone 95% of the time, but I really wish I had a painting buddy, or two or three, nearby. It's stimulating to paint with others, and I think it also helps--an area where I need a lot of help!--critical/critiquing skills.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Wonderful photos - makes the little downpours we have had here in Norfolk seem feeble and even so our railways stop, our roads freeze over and everyone has time off work!!! Love the blanket deer.

debwardart said...

Send Bob over when he's done!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm like you, once I have something down/planned out I really enjoy painting with other artist around.

I however hate painting/drawing out in public when I turn into someone elses entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I love the deer photo. I had four deer feeding in my yard two days ago, but not with that MUCH SNOW!

I like to work with others about half of the time. When I have had a long day teaching at school it's nice to have some quiet and alone time. But I also enjoy working with other artists.

Dawn said...

cute deer, and you can keep the snow!
60 degrees today and warmer tomorrow weeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Joyfulartist said...

I'm with you, I love painting with other artists. It seems like creativity just permeats the room. We have our class on Thursday mornings. We are complaining here in Florida about the cold weather, too, but we are thankful that it's not cold enough to snow.

Stan Kurth said...

I'm a loner when it comes to painting. I can't seem to do it very well with distractions of the human sort. That's one of the reasons why I'm not well adapted to plein-air.

BTW, it's very nice weather here in Arizona!

Happy Painter! said...

What a joy to paint with everyone at "Greentree Studio" last Wed!
Getting out of the house, after being snowed is for over a week was great, but to be able to paint too, topped off my week!
Thank you so much for having us!