It's workshop week at Miami University - in OHIO, (not near the ocean.) This campus is old, beautiful, well maintained, and a delightful university town.

This batik, not reproduced here to its advantage (sorry,) was created almost ten years ago after a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, at Mackinaw Island with a painting friend. This digital shows the picture as being way too blue and dark. I had a disc made from slides of paintings I'd done earlier and can't seem to get the correct coloring on my screen. I hope you get the idea.

"TRAVELING IN STYLE" Transparent Watercolor on Thai unryu adhered to 140#HP ARCHES 25 x 19" COLLECTED


deborah kirby said...

Sandy, I've added the new blogger feature to my blog and I get your up-to-the-minute postings on your blog. It's a great feature -- now see I see your new work hot off the easel.

I LOVE your work!

Dawn said...

beautiful batiks Sandy! have a fun week at the uni even if it is not near the ocean! LOL!

sandy said...

I like the "feel" of this one, pardner..

so nice.

Nava said...

I love the spottiness of it. It gives it a great sense of movement. And, cameras rarely do justice to artwork.

RH Carpenter said...

Hope you're enjoying your workshop and have a lot of enthusiastic students - and hope you are traveling in better style than this old horse drawn buggy :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks so much for the comments. Deborah, many of these are oler paintings that I'm showing until I run out of the stockpile. Some are hot off the easel. Sandy and Dawn and Nava, thanks for stoppping by and commenting. More to come. Rhonda, you know how everyone walks everywhere at college....everywhere. But it was a wonderful week.