This is another oldie - but goodie, I think. I like the way the batik shows off the textures on this ancient water buffalo.

To see all of the batiks on this blog, go to the lower right hand column where it says LABELS, and click on batik. I'll be adding more after our workshop is over here at Miami U.

(Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow, Teresa!)

"BUFFALOED!" Transparent Watercolor on Kinwashi adhered to 140#CP Arches 16 x 9"


RH Carpenter said...

Very cool, Sandy! Hope you're having a great time doing the workshop.

Sandy Maudlin said...

RHonda, you wouldn't believe how driven these students were to work hard. I couldn't believe it. Then I realized there was a grade involved! I may have to start grading my classes here to light a fire under everyone! It was an exceptional week. Hope your was great too.