"JOURNEY TO JUNGLE JIM'S" Transparent Watercolor on heavy weight YUPO 40 x 26" SOLD
I painted this a couple of years ago as a still life demo in one of my classes and really liked the richness of the colors and variety of textures that were possible to paint on YUPO. My friend Mary has it hanging in her studio. If you haven't tried painting on YUPO paper, you're really missing something to be thankful for. . . but it took me two years of experimenting on it to be very thankful. The nice thing is, with YUPO, if you mess up, you can wash it all off and start over. The YUPO surface will wash off completely. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

('Jungle Jim's' is a great place to visit anytime you're in Cincinnati. What started out a couple of decades ago as just a truck stand selling produce is now an innovative, unique and fun complex to shop for ANY kind of food item known to man or woman! It's the Disneyland of grocery stores and even has award winning restrooms.)

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