Although painted with transparent watercolor, this painting included the use of wax and rice paper. The batiking process has been around for many centuries, and using batik to create a painting can be tedious but full of surprises. Once it was finished, I 'glued' it to a REALLY large sheet of Arches 140#, using methy- cellulose wall paper paste. I've also painted this same subject using the taping technique with nice results. Both paintings have been sold, but I do have prints of this one for sale.
"TIMES PAST" Transparent Watercolor and Sumi Ink on Kinwashi 36 x 24" SOLD


Nick said...

Too many great paintings to comment on Sandy, so I'll have to say that they all are incredible! and this is REAL watercolor batik, not the fake stuff SOME people are doing out there! :)
So much diversity in your work, and that's something that I put a high priority on. You're the real deal, keep up the tremendous work! Nick

Sandy Maudlin said...

YOUR batiks are incredibly gorgeous. Can't wait til our workshop next month so we can learn how to do those 'fake' batiks you win top awards with.

Sandy said...

I agree with what Nick says ...all your paintings are incredible and so diverse ...you are such a talented artist!
I like the subject matter you choose... it is like meeting up with an old friend. This particular work I have looked at often ...I love it because it brings back memories of other times.I learned to sew on a machine like that!
The light in this painting is particularly beautiful.