Once, a gallery owner kindly told me to stick with one recognizable style in order to further my art career. His advice was sound, but ... There are just too many excellent ways to express feelings when painting, too many wonderful, awesome, beautiful things to paint, and not enough lifetime left to paint it all. So I continue to paint what I want to paint in whatever 'style' I want to paint it in. Diversity is a lot more fun than sticking to a specific formula for me. And the Art Career? I figure Success is measured in more than one way.

The technique shown in this painting is called "Dry Brush." Andrew Wyeth is the master of dry brush, and Joseph Boehler uses it superbly, too. I seldom paint this way, but once I'm into the painting, I hate for it to end. The paint was applied with almost no moisture added and built up by crosshatching to develop depth of value, color, and texture. Because there's no water to spread the paint around, it takes many, many, many hours to complete a painting like this. The richness and depth can't be achieved any other way.
"WELL KEPT SECRETS" on Bristol Board 10 x 14"

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pmvART said...

Hello Sandy. I'm a "career artist" (a lifelong journey) I primarily work in watercolor. I have always been inspired by all the Wyeth's work (mostly Andrew) and on and off throughout my life have always been compelled to study the watercolor techniques of Andrew Wyeth. At this point in my life I'm striving to do more work in his style of painting...not so sure why...but in surfing around here I came upon your site...and I just want to say I think your painting "Well Kept Secrets" is astounding! I do not see a lot of drybrush work around and it is hard to find articles about it on the web. Anyway...you are awesome... and I agree with you about doing whatever you want when the mood hits you (as far as working in a particular style of painting goes). Also, I have learned over the years, that success is an "inside job"! Keep painting you are awesome.