Spring in full bloom is perfect to paint on YUPO.  The colors are
 so vibrant since the paint never soaks into the 'paper.'
Exploring shapes and values while making texture the
 'Queen of the Show'
 is exciting on this slick surface called YUPO.
So many techniques to explore with this surface....here I have
employed my own 'TAPE BATIK' method on YUPO.
Another painting using my TAPE BATIK process.
Color and texture become even more appealing on YUPO.

Paintng on YUPO can be challenging, especially for portraits.
 But it is so forgiving and fixable, too.
Impressionism, absrtact art, realism... any subject and style can be
painted on YUPO using a variety of mediums.  My favorite is
Fluid Acrylics on YUPO with watercolor added as needed.  Hope you
 are painting on this surface that some call an ice rink for paint.  Try it!
Check out the YUPO workshops on my side bar for
more info about learning how to paint on YUPO.



Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sandy - I too have painted on Yupo paper...thank you for sharing your lovely paintings. You certainly achieve the most beautiful results. Have a great week-end.

Unknown said...

I too have painted on Yupo and love the different effects and surprises as the painting evolves. I am interested in your workshop in October . Would you send me some info please .
Thank you,
Carole robb
1351kilkee ct
Hartford wi 53027
262 966-2329

Unknown said...

I too have painted on Yupo and love how the painting evolves and surprises . Would love to take your workshop in oct. could you please send me some info.
Thank you,
My email is carole@carolesstudio.com

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed your demo using Yupo, you certainly have mastered the art. If you have any more squeegees for sale, I would like to purchase one.
MaryLou Miller