This weekend will be full of creativity during our YUPO workshop here at my studio.  Artists who have struggled to paint on this slick surface will find success as they enjoy a colorful adventure.

"Donkey Man 2012"
Watercolor and Transparent Fluid Acrylics on YUPO 20 x 26" COLLECTED
This first painting is a new edition of 'Donkey Man," a subject I've always been fascinated with and have attempted several times.  Two other paintings of Donkey Man are below this recent one, both done many years ago.  The first two here are on YUPO and the last one is a batik on rice paper. 

There are good things about all three paintings, I suppose, but I prefer the most recent one because there is a bit more mystery, better temperature dominance, and a surer stroke with the brush. 

Donkeyman 2002 Watercolor on Yupo 25 x 13"

YUPO, also called 'Lana/Vanguard' in Europe, is an amazing surface to paint on.  It's much like a gessoed canvas, just slicker.  The textures and colors are absolutely fabulous on this non absorbent surface but handling the paint takes some expertise and a bit of instruction. 

We'll be exploring a new technique that we've decided to call 'Independent Layering' in the workshop, which was used to create the most recent Donkeyman.  It will be a good weekend! 
DONKEYMAN BATIK - Watercolor and
 Fluid Acrylics on Kinwashi Rice Paper -


Christiane Kingsley said...

Oh, the lucky participants!
All three versions of this painting are beautiful!

Meera Rao said...

How wonderful! one of these days I will make time for a workshop with you !!!!!

Dee Doyle said...

Donkey Man is fabulous! How do you keep your whites whiteon Yupo? Would LOVe to take your workshop but time distance and $$ at the moment. Love your posts!

Sadami said...

All are masterpieces. (how come! you "always" make a masterpice!!) I wish I could join your workshop.

AK said...

Love the textures you create in your work. Fabulous.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks for your comments, Meera and Christiane. Dee, the white can perserved several ways. Most paint colors lift easily off the yupo surface once the paint is dry. Miskit can be used, too. A scrubber brush helps lift off a sharper line and i use Q-tips a lot to lift as well as a firm flat brush. Rubbing alcohol - over 90% type - takes the fluid acrylics off, back to white. Some colors leave a ghost image - colors like Quin Magenta, Winsor/Carbazole violet and most Phthalos will somewhat stain the surface. Avoid using those when you know you'll want to lift, whether it's watercolor or fluid acrylics..

Dee Doyle said...

Thanks so much for being so generous with your suggestions! Still would love to do a workshop and hear it all in person. A few years ago, I took a Nick Simmons workshop and he mentioned you several times, so I have been watching your work since. Thanks again!