Discovering unexpected treasures is one of life's best joys.  This evening view of a courtyard is part of the former home of two people whom I treasure very much.  When it was started, my plans were to give it to them as a 'thank you' for a wonderful visit there. 
After applying several layers of paint interspersed with layers of masking tape, I began peeling off the tape layers to reveal the painting under it.  Treasures again!  The surprises of color and texture were astounding, and I got the feeling that parting with this painting might be more difficult than I ever imagined.  Yet, this would make the perfect 'thank you' gift for treasured friends! 
The second photo shows details near the door and the tape removal in progress. When all the tape was removed, the painting was corrected and tweaked with the fluid acrylics. On the YUPO surface, bits of the paint accidentally lift off when the tape is pulled up, creating new possibilities for more texture.
This weekend's workshop here at my studio was the unveiling of this finished painting.  She loved it!  (And the workshop went very well, too.)  I'm waiting to hear how her husband likes the painting.  Since it was his childhood home, I am pretty sure he'll love it, too.
Next month, this unique 'tape batik' process will be a big part of the weekend workshop here at my studio - see the sidebar for more info.  After three days of my demos and instruction and lots of work and painting on your part, you will have created your own, original 'tape batik' watercolor from your reference materials --- or, like this painting, your own 'tape batik' fluid acrylic watercolor on YUPO.
'Tape Batik' is the name I've given to my technique, but no hot wax is involved at all.  After initially figuring out how to do this process in the early 90's, I've been honing it ever since.  Being able to finally create the 'batik look' on YUPO added to the possibilities my technique. 
If you're near Dallas, Texas, you can sign up now for the five day workshop there in late October/early November, featuring my instructions for Tape Batik, too.  (See side bar for Artists' Showplace.)  There are several other of my 'Tape Batik' workshops lined up for 2012, also, in various locations in the U.S. and abroad.  Hope you can join us at one of these workshops.  Happy painting.
TREASURES  Fluid Acrylics on YUPO 26x20" Collected


Sadami said...

Dear Sandy,
Great work!! Congrats! I believe even unexpected results or luck smile at a hardworker like you. Enjoy the sweet fruit of your efforts.

Studio at the Farm said...

A gorgeous painting, Sandy! I could understand your reluctance to part with it, yet I am sure it will be treasured in its new home!

Meera Rao said...

I love the colors, the light, the textures!! What a gorgeous 'tape batik' with fluid acrylics on yupo!!! - This really makes me want to learn the process :) Truly a treasure!

Jeanette Jobson said...

I really like this painting. The light and colour is beautiful.

I wish I were able to attend your tape batik workshop, I'd love to learn more about it.