This abstract was started a week ago and has evolved slowly.  When the painting began, my purpose was to just play with the paint on YUPO, using the Atelier Acrylics which lift even after they have dried. 
Today after taping it up across the studio, I was surprised to see the face.  The word 'FORGIVENESS' was added vertically to the right side of the face then subdued.  It's also printed backwards so it's nearly impossible to see.  Using Caran d'Ache crayons I added some other scribbles and other meaningful words as well as lightening the eyelids and adding a highlight on the lower lip. 
Easter is my very favorite day of the year because of its significance for me.  Happy Easter!
"GOOD FRIDAY" Atelier Acrylics and CAran d'ache Crayons on YUPO 20x26"


Linda Schuler said...

I see more than one face. This is a very cool painting.

Joyfulartist said...

I wanted to enlarge it so I could see the details you talked about but I couldn't do it. It's really a neat painting, it draws you into it.

Anonymous said...


I went away for the last couple of days to the beach no computer,no blogging, just relaxing and enjoying the Easter season. The first blog I looked to after getting reaquinted with the home was yours and there was this great painting staring me in the face thanks for a artistic reminder of the purpose of the Easter season.


Suzanne McDermott said...

Beautiful, Sandy! And (of course) the perfect colors. Love those Caran d'Ache crayons! I ordered and tried one of the new D.S. crayons and was sorely disappointed though I found a way to use it.

I hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday. Resurrection. Can't beat it. XO

Deb Townsend said...

I love this one! It speaks volumes of the price He paid for us. Fantastic! Happy Easter to you!

Sadami said...

Dear Sandy,
I admire your challenging spirit. The work is very interesting. Certainly, He helps you carry out work.
Keep up!
Cheers, Sadami

devotedmomof7 said...

I missed this orientation of the painting. I love it! I see the face - beautiful!