Memorial Day in America helps us pause to remember the importance and cost of freedom. It's too easy to take for granted what so many have given their lives for.

This painting was created over a decade ago to depict a small town near us that's nicknamed 'the City of Spires.' It's a small river town right on the Ohio River that is delightful and quaint, very much a representation of mid America. There's plenty there to inspire a plein aire painter, for sure.

Thanks to so many, we enjoy a life of freedom in a wonderful land. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"AURORA" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches, 20 x 14" COLLECTED


blogmomcom.blogspot.com/2018/01/06840.html said...

Sandy , You make everything look charming and from another tme and place , a place I would like to se myself .
thank you

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

A lovely painting.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thank you, June and Peggy. So glad you enjoyed it.