Varenna, Italy is a small Italian village located on Lake Como, and the six of us spent almost a week there in a beautiful golden villa on the lake. It's a perfect place to paint plein aire because inspiration is everywhere.

While sitting on a stone bench along the promenade that winds along the lake, I began painting this one afternoon and completed it the next morning. A Canadian couple took it home with them.

An early evening picnic on the villa's veranda made the day completely wonderful. Cheeses, breads, fruit, tomatoes, wild boar sausage, proscuitto, wine, art friends.....

"ROMANTIC VARENNA" Transparent Watercolor on 140CP Arches 9 x 12" COLLECTED


Dawn said...

this is just lovely and what a lucky tourist to get to be there and have a painting fresh from Italy!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I love the composition in this, it is a lovely remembrance of a special time, I am sure. Congrats on havin git "collected" before you left Italy, also!