This scene could've been from my great grandmother's place on the outskirts of my hometown. Back in the eary '50's, she had an outhouse and pumped her own water, too. I remember playing under the huge weeping willow in the front yard.

Each brush stroke was applied with a very, very dry brush. Even though it's called WATERcolor, I avoided using water except to lighten the pigment to the right value. Most all the moisture was wiped out of the brush before it touched the surface.

"Drybrush" watercolor requires a lot of layering and patience. You need to check out Andrew Wyeth's work to see exquisite masterpieces done with dry brush. If you can, go see his drybrush watercolors in real life.....and his egg temperas and his looser watercolors. He is awesome!

"FORGOTTEN TIMES" Transparent Watercolor on Bristol Board 20 x 14"


Dawn said...

both paintings are so wonderful Sandy. they look like they could hold memories of favorite times.

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting your blog often and I honestly don't remember if this is my first time commenting (I don't think so) but your posts really are so helpful! Just wanted to point you to a wonderful video featuring Andrew Wyeth as one of the people interviewed. If you go to my blog, that's the first post you'll see. Again, thank you for the tips!