Artists can be notorious for not giving up on a painting..... all that time and effort, let alone the paint and paper expense. We keep at it no matter how bad it gets - we can be such a stubborn bunch.

Fortunately, most of us have discovered that we can salvage parts of a painting by cropping. I'm posting the original painting below that really must be cropped into smaller shapes. Here you see my future book mark, business card, greeting card, a coaster? and possible grocery list! (I'm just kidding... I'll pitch it before I go to all that hassle.)
The poor composition and design made the painting a loser from the start, and that circle of the roses was my fatal mistake.

Although I really liked the way the paint hit the paper 'loosey juicy style,' the overall painting just didn't happen. Got the title right, though:-) Since it's overly sweet, it's appropriately named "COTTON CANDY," on 140#CP Arches, and presently about 14 x 20" - from the archives.


Sandy said...

Sandy, you always have something very worthwhile to share.This article about how we, as artists, try to make our paintings work is so true (well, for me anyway)
Even though you don't think the composition was what you would have liked, your loose painterly technique still shines and the smaller crops are great.

Nava said...

Clever title :-)

And the cropping indeed does wonders! My personal favorite (not that you've asked...) is the image you named "Leaf It Alone" - very interesting shapes and quite unpredictable. Also a great title!!

David Dutton said...

Hey Sandy

You are very talented. I always admire the way people use their talents.

We all use different parts of our brain.It is an amazing thing.

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RHCarpenter said...

I love the upper right section of just the vase and a bit of leaf dipping down! Actually, all of these work well and look good as smaller pieces :)

Dawn said...

I love those roses. and the crops are perfect.

Alina Chau said...

beautiful watercolor paintings!

Sandy said...

Well to my untrained eye, I like the whole painting but wow, when you crop the individual parts, so much more dramatic, maybe would be the world, or ....interesting...that would be the word for me.
I like these.