Recently a new friend who's an avid gardener purchased this tulip painting I completed a couple of years ago. Since I've been puttering in the garden all day, it seemed fitting to post her painting today.

Her gardens were so full of treasurers, surprises, and intrique. Just by walking along the natural curving paths she'd created, you could sense that the landscaped area was brimming over with love. It was beautiful and delightful, just like the gardener!

"KLINGER COUNTRY" Transparent Watercolor Poured on 140#CP Arches 21 x 14" COLLECTED


Sandy said...

So delicate and filled with light. Just beautiful.

Dawn said...

so we dont get to know who the painter is? it is a beautiful painting.

Sandy said...

Here's another Sandy ...and I agree with the first!! What a beautiful painting!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Sandy, Sandy, and Dawn. I enjoy your blogs too, a bunch. I did the painting - a poured technique, using miskit to protect each layer of values before pouring more paint over the paper.

Thanks so much for your comments. Keep painting.

RHCarpenter said...

Lucky lady who now owns this one :) It glows!