This ancient building with its strong arch reaching to yet another ancient building begs me to drink it in. I am not trying to toot my own horn, but I want to say that this painting ranks right near the top of my favorite paintings that I've ever done. I loved how it turned out, but it was 'touch and go' a lot of the way.

The tedious taping process was used to create the painting, but then I delved into it more to adjust and fine tune it. Actually, I overworked it a lot and nearly killed it. I had to rebuild the left side twice and retrieve some sky area. The archway gave me fits trying to make it read right, especially with that little balcony area above it. Advice from other artists helped guide me, too.

Several times, I was sure the painting was lost, but fortunately, it revived. Major reconstruction was done in certain areas using gouache, an opaque watercolor that actually seemed to help the transparent areas in and around the big window to glow more. Because I really liked certain things about the painting, I couldn't give up on it. I wanted to see it succeed.

The shutters and windows are purposely crooked and askew, partially because I didn't start out with a well planned drawing, and partially because I was focused on making my love of this scene be more important than an accurate rendition of it. I'm posting it today because it so symbolizes the past 40 years my husband and I have been married.

Today's our 40th anniversary so I looked through my paintings trying to decide which one would best describe today. These old buildings, connected by an ancient archway, could be the two of us. Pretty much everything I've just typed about this painting and the struggle it was to create can also describe our marriage.

The light in the window is my favorite part of the painting, and maybe the archway represents the commitment it takes for two people to survive being together for this long??? One thing for sure, we're getting to be ancient, too. Or at least it feels that way at times.....

Deanna, who owns Waterlily Gallery where this is hanging, told me last weekend that a lady was very interested in buying this painting. I have a feeling I may want to keep it instead.

I wish a Happy Fathers' Day to all you dads today too!

"OLD ITALY" Transparent Watercolor on 140#HP Arches 22 x 15" NOT FOR SALE


Dawn said...

congratulations! what a lovely and romantic post.

I hope you keep the painting, I dont want you to regret selling it. It is beautiful, I love the light in the windows.

love the explosion below, very cool!

Suzanne said...

You are truly an inspiration, Sandy. Thanks for taking the time to describe your struggles and solutions. I love the light in the window, too, but it wouldn't mean anything without the dark and questionable (dramatic) arch.

Congratulations on 40 years! You found a perfect metaphor.

RHCarpenter said...

Happy Anniversary, Sandy. I wouldn't sell this one - it means too much to you. Make her a print instead and keep the original - how could you sell it after the way you talked about it and how it also refers to your marriage of 40 YEARS!!! WOW! That is really an accomplishment in this day and age, you know.

Paulette said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. I am just fascinated by your work, especially the yupo(very cool) and the white space. this seemed like a good time to hope in say congratulations and thank you for the info you are sharing. Great work!

Sandy said...

This piece is so great and I just love everything about it,...and reading why you love it too...

happy anniversary...40 years!!! good good for you Sandy.


Sandy said...

Sandy, I do love your paintings...I also love your description of how you feel about them and the process.
I hope you keep this painting as a meaningful reminder of your life and marraige and also a reminder of how much you enjoyed making this beautiful piece.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Sandys, Dawn, Suzanne, Rhonda, and Paulette,
I wasn't sure whether to 'bare my soul' about the way I felt about the painitng/marriage metaphor, but Bob okeyed it, too. Your support is much appreciated, and I've already contacted my gallery owner to take down the painting. Thanks for the encouragement. I so appreciate your comments.

Trijnie said...

happy anniversary.
Beatiful painting

Nick said...

You threw some gas on the fire with this one, Sandy! Sort of like Salminen, you constructed a great composition doused in greys and then found the perfect spots for a firecracker of color. And that taping thing - I need to get a crash course on that from you! A fantastic painting, and what a way to say That's Amore!

Lisa Purcell said...

Wow, I really love this painting. I love the moody atmoshpere. It makes me feel there is more to this piece than a simple rendering of the architecture. It pulls the viewer into it and lets them bring their own interpretation with them. Yet, one knows it holds deep meaning for the artist who created it.